Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Looking Back...Interactive Science Notebooks

A five-subject spiral bound notebook has been a fabulous choice for my classes.  Composition books are great but each year I have students that run out of room.  They then change to a different notebook and it isn't nearly as organized as the first.  

Table of Contents - Keeping it simple! 

Foldables - My students favorite way to add content to their notebooks.  

Illustrate the notes - Even students who aren't artistic appreciate a quick pic as a reference.  

Fold those handouts/worksheets - In an attempt to keep as much information on a page as possible, students were allowed to fold their handouts and glue them in.  

Diagrams, Charts, Organizers, and Everything Else...


Lisa said...

I am starting ISN's this year and have been doing a ton of research! I love the look of yours! Do you do the right side/ left side, input / output? Thanks!!

Stephanie Jacobs said...


Best wishes on starting ISN's this year! My students find them very valuable. As for the right/left side, I would suggest to try it but make it a lesson priority. It didn't quite work our for me in the past because I didn't design my lesson around the notebook. Instead, I always made the ISN more of a fit to my already made lessons plans. Look on Pinterest for a form titled "Interactive Notebook Planning." If I can find it I'll post a link to it. I think that will be a wonderful resource for planning the ISN.