Sunday, July 6, 2014

Meet the Teacher Night ~ Parent/Student Activity


Meet the teacher night is always so hectic!  I find myself constantly having to repeat information and then questioning if I covered everything with each individual parent. Sometimes the line to meet me ends up out the door and into the hallway.  If parents are as impatient standing around as I am then I'm sure they get more than frustrated!  So this year I have decided to have stations for parents to visit as they are waiting in line to meet me.  At these stations, parents will pick up components of a layered book, one section at a time.  The stations will zig-zag throughout the classroom.  This will give parents to take a tour of the room and will give them something to read or look over as they wait.  The last station will be set up for parents to complete their layered book using either ribbon and hole punchers or staples to hold it together.  My hope in creating this activity is that it will free up the conversation so that I may learn a bit more about the student and his/her family.

Station 1: At this station parents and students will pick up the cover/welcome component.  I will also have a list of instructions and a sign-in sheet.  

Station 2: At this station parents and students will pick up the teacher information component.  

Station 3:  At this station parents and students will pick up classroom supplies information.  I will also have all items on display.  Parents can be visual learners too! 

Station 4: This station provides parents and students with a list of classroom expectation.  

Station 5:  This station provides a list of topics students will be learning in 8th grade science.  


Bagby said...

This is a great idea. If we didn't meet as a whole rotation I would be doing this for sure! I love all the great science material you share.

Get Your Science on in Room 701

Stephanie Jacobs said...

Thank you very much! I'd love to hear how you do the whole group rotation.

AJ Conley said...

This looks amazing! Love the idea of doing parent stations...I have been playing with using them for Readifest all summer!

Stephanie Jacobs said...

AJ, Thank you! I hope to have a template made on put on the blog. Let me know what your ideas are. I treat everything like a work in progress and wouldn't mind making some changes to my stuff.