Thursday, July 17, 2014

Calling All Classroom Decorators!

Due to my classroom getting painted over the summer, I had to remove EVERYTHING off my classroom walls.  Now your normal teacher would be ecstatic.  I however experienced an abnormal amount of anxiety when given word to make my walls bare.  See, most people don't understand the time, patience, and hard work it takes to make a middle school science classroom...well, pretty.  Now I am starting over.  My classroom is a now blank canvas!  Of course I will be sticking with the zebra print, hot pink, blue, and lime green color scheme.  I just have too much stuff in those colors to start over. But I would LOVE input and ideas from other teachers.  What works for you? I would also LOVE to see photos of other classrooms.  Preferably not the ones we all see on Pinterest each day.  If you have any classroom photos you'd love to share send them to me at 

I'll even showcase your photos on my blog!  Just be sure to include your name and any other information you'd like for me to include!  

Below are some of the crafty items I've purchased this summer.  
Trips to Dollar Tree, Michael's, Ollies, and Staples!  

Found the cutest frames at Michael's!  I plan to use them as table signs.  

Looking forward to seeing YOUR ideas!!! 


Sarah Koves said...

I love your color choices, and I get what you mean about taking everything down. I didn't last year, but I had to this year. I also don't like how much everything fades in the sun....yuck. I emailed you some photos of my classroom transformation:


Kovescence of the Mind

Stephanie Jacobs said...

Love the photos! I'll definitely post those on the blog. One thing I've noticed over the years is that scrapbook paper and wrapping paper don't fade like construction paper. So I've hit Dollar Tree's party supplies this summer.

Bagby said...

I love the frames you found! I will definitely need to take a trip to my micheals and see if they have any!! I am in the same situation with having a blank canvas room. I cannot wait to see what your room turns out like this year!

Get Your Science on in Room 701

Stephanie Jacobs said...

Definitely get to Michael's! I have seen so many things I want to purchase. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your room as well! Hope you are having a wonderful summer :)

Annette said...

Last year was my first year teaching. I decorated my room with anchors of black (furniture/cabinets/bulletin board) and then added neon to that. I got LOTS of wonderful ideas from the blogs/Pinterest. One of those ideas was from your blog - the deco mesh wreath! I hope you plan on incorporating it into your new room. My wreath is enormous (lol) but it turned out beautiful. I didn't use the zebra print (because I'm in 3rd and our 2nd grade teachers both have tons of animal print - I wanted the kids to have a fresh decor) and I added a "G" in the center for my last name. They decided to paint my room after we released for summer so the painters took all of my things down. It was everywhere! So believe me, I know how you feel. Since I'm starting over, I used what I already had but going with (slightly!) toned down colors.

Stephanie Jacobs said...

Annette, I would LOVE to see photos of your classroom once you get it decorated...especially your wreath!