Friday, June 14, 2013

Looking back...

Wow, what a school year! 2013-14 will be a year I won't forget. I was blessed with amazing students and teammates. What more could a teacher ask for? As I look back on the school year my heart becomes filled with happy memories and positive thoughts of students I will miss so much. Even though this past school year held more positives than negatives, there is ALWAYS room for improvement! I try to set personal goals at the beginning of each new year. I usually claim that I will be much more organized...every year. However, I usually fall short of that goal. So this year organization will not be a goal in which I hope to achieve, it will be a necessity! I'm going to start this goal out right and list the ways in which I want to be organized.

 1. I will use the right file drawer of my teacher desk for all home base information.
 2. I will use the left file drawer of my teacher desk for classroom information.
 3. I will create labels for all of my lesson files to be organized by essential standard.
 4. I will consolidate the 2.5 million notebooks/binders that are cluttering all my bookshelves.
 5. I will organize my digital lessons that are stored on my computer.
 6. I will create a USABLE teacher notebook.