Monday, August 13, 2012

Lots and Lots of Stuff!

This morning I woke up with a crazy idea to organize all of my recently purchased classroom supplies.  If I had not already organized the small items in my toolbox, this task would have been very daunting!  I have 28 organizer drawers full of stuff and lots of other stuff that wouldn't fit in the small spaces.  This stuff varies from USB flash drives, SD cards, fancy paper, plain paper, crayons, photo albums, ribbons, calendars, notebooks, bulletin board letters, hall passes, paper clips, binder clips, glue, markers, poster board, cleaning supplies, file folders, pocket folders, book covers, acrylic picture frames, pencils, pens, tape dispenser, paper punches, post-its, sentence strips, composition books, brads, duct tape, etc.!  The crazier part is that I still have other things to purchase and make and I haven't even started supply shopping for my own children! I just really hope my students appreciate the time and money I have spent to make my classroom inviting, organized and fun.  I also hope their parents take a few seconds to appreciate the efforts I've made.  

Now my next step is to transport this stuff to my classroom.  There I will re-organize all of the stuff left over from years past.  Talk about daunting!  Then I will attempt to make my classroom a place where my students enjoy learning. 

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