Monday, July 23, 2012

Hanging File Folders - Revised

Oh how I love Pinterest and all the projects I discover there!  However, some projects aren't as easy as they appear.  About two weeks ago I attempted to create the hanging file folders that many teachers have pinned.  I carefully chose colorful file folders and purchased the supplies I thought I would need.  I then got started and decided to share my project here.  I encountered a few problems with my first attempt....

  • I had no prior experience using duct tape.  That stuff is a little tricky.  Kudos to all the kids who create jewelry, headbands, bows and even clothing out of the stuff.  They have more talent than what most people realize! Working with duct tape isn't as easy as one might think.  Practice on a small scale before using it on your project materials.  
  • Measure!  I didn't bother with a ruler the first time I created the hanging file folder.  My duct tape didn't quite line up evenly and made my finished project look very amateur.  I will admit that on my second attempt, I did measure but still had some issues with tape alignment.  I blame the duct tape!  
I received an email asking for directions on how to create the hanging file folder project.  So I attempted to post the directions in hopes they would make sense.  Thanks to a fellow crafter, I was then inspired to try the project again and to take pictures of the steps.  I hope this helps anyone who may be confused with the directions :)

Step 1:  Gather your supplies.

  • File folders (as many as you like).  I chose 5 folders because I was creating a "While You Were Out" center for my classroom and needed folders to represent each day of the school week.  
  • Duct tape.  Use tape that matches your folders or decor of where you'll be hanging it once finished.  
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Clear tape (used to hold the folders in place while you duct tape each one)
  • A sharp blade such as a box cutter or simply use one edge of sharp scissors. 
  • Permanent marker (not pictured...sorry!)

Step 2:  Align your folders evenly and use small pieces of clear tape to hold them in place.

Step 3:  Use a ruler and pencil to mark lines for where you should place your duct tape along the sides of the file folders  I suggest marking on the back side only.

Step 4:  Placing the duct tape on the folders ~ I suggest working with small sections of the duct tape.  It's easier to correct mistakes on a small scale than on a larger one.  So cut whatever length of tape you feel most comfortable using.  Then place the edge of the tape along the marked/measured line.  Firmly press down the duct tape, smoothing out any wrinkles you may encounter.  I encountered a lot of wrinkles!  Then wrap the duct tape around to the front and smooth it out once again.

                2                     3                       4                       

Step 5:  Continue placing small sections of the duct tape all the way to the top file folder.  One thing I did add that I forgot to photograph was placing duct tape along the top edge of the first file folder.  You can see this in the finished project photo.  I don't know if it is a necessary step, but it does kind of frame the project. It also provided a stopping place for the duct tape I was placing along the sides of the folders.  

Step 6:  Do the same (Steps 4 and 5) for the other side of the folders.  

Step 7:  Measure another placement line along the back- bottom of the last file folder.  Place duct tape along that line and wrap it around to the front.  

Step 8:  Use a permanent marker to label your folders. You may also need to use a sharp edge (exacto knife/box cutter/scissors edge) to cut the tape at the top side of each folder.  This will enlarge the file folder opening so that you can easily slide papers inside each folder.  

5/6                     7                       8

Voila! The finished project......

Good luck and best wishes to all who try this project.  Please send me any pictures of the ones you create. 


Kaylees Education Studio - File Folder Games said...

What a creative use of file folders. It looks great.

Stephanie Jacobs said...

Thank you very much!