Monday, July 9, 2012

Hanging File Folders Project

Thanks to Pinterest and all the crafty teachers pinning really cool projects, I too have decided to try a few crafty projects.  The project that looked easiest was to create a hanging file system.  Some have made these by sewing file folders together and using grommets and such.  One crafty teacher used duct tape to create hers. Please see the following link for The Silver Lining Teaching blog ~

I decided to go with the duct tape version myself.  Here are some instructions and some pictures of my first project.  Please note that this was my first attempt!  I will be trying this again a second and third time now that I now what mistakes to avoid.

Items Needed: 

  • Colorful file folders (Use as many or as few as you'd like) ~ I found some pretty ones at Wal Mart.  There were three colorfully designed folders in a pack for $1.00.  So I purchased five packs and decided to put like designs together.  
  • Duct tape ~ Choose a color that matches the design of your folders and your classroom decor.  If you use file folders that have a busy design like I did, choosing a solid color of duct tape may look best.  But if you go with solid-colored files you can have fun with all the new duct tape designs.  
  • Ruler ~ This is the item I did not use the first time that I wish I had.  Next time I plan to measure and mark a set place to stick the duct tape on each file folder.  
  • Pencil ~ For marking where the duct tape should be placed. 
  • Scissors ~ For the obvious reason. 
  • Camera ~ To take pics of your project!  I'd love to have pictures of other people's projects to highlight on my blog! 

File Folders purchased from Wal Mart

The set of files out of the packaging.

Finshed attempt #1


Mrs. D said...

I think it turned out great! :)

Mrs. D

Stephanie Jacobs said...

Thanks so much! I am working on a few more. I'll post them soon. I really appreciate you sharing your idea. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Could you give some instructions? I have read them on other blog and mine doesn't come out looking like this. I also don't understand the folding tab thing or how to "nest them". Could you maybe help?

Stephanie Jacobs said...

The first thing I did was to add tape to the top of the front. It ties in the rest of the duct tape as a decorative element and is also used to reinforce the strength of the file folders. Since I was using a solid color tape, I didn't have to worry about matching up patterns on the tape and could therefore add the duct tape in short segments. So I started with only two file folders and then added one at a time. Putting it together...I placed duct tape along the outside edges of two folders that were placed on top of each other. I was careful not to tape over the tabs (and the tabs on the files I was using were all along the left side. I cut enough tape to cover from bottom of the file to just above the tab. Once I reached the tab I cut and tucked the tape behind it. From there I added another file folder to the two I had just taped. So some of the tape will least it did for me. What other questions do you have? Would it help if I posted more pictures to go along with each step?

Anonymous said...

Pictures with steps would be great. I made one and have read thesilverlining instructions and they didn't turn out. I found another blog but theirs looks different. I have one that works but I don't like how it looks. My OCD is getting the best of me! I just don't see why I can make it look right.

Stephanie Jacobs said...

I posted instructions with photos. I hope this helps you some.